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Matara Consulting - social media

Social media management

We manage your visibility and your communication on social networks, to broadcast your messages and to interact effectively with your targets. we will help you redefine your goals and show you how to maximize your profits with effective Social Media Strategies.

Custom monthly reportings


Matara Consulting - ads

Campaign management

We set up your Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and I ensure their follow-up to increase the visibility of your services / products.  We are experienced in marketing and promotion to help you reach the next level.

Sharing custom results

Matara Consulting - content

Brand Content in French and english

We write your content in French and English and master the optimized writing SEO. Quickly written, affordable, and SEO compliant.  

Creation and sending of newsletters.

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What else we provide?

Matara Consulting - strategy

Project Management

We help you define your vision, mission and business goals, and outlines the steps you need to take to achieve these goals. Project Management from A to Z. We will create the custom marketing and communication plans you need to grow your business.

Matara Consulting - training


Corporate Workshops or individual trainings about social media for brands or people, seo strategy, tools, analytics, and ads campaigns.  Customized according to your needs.

Matara Consulting - ads

Creation and management of your sites

We implement your sites and blogs on WordPress or WIX compatible web and mobile

Assets integration and creation of editorial content

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Diversified and international business experience.
Available and flexible manpower
A competent and experienced team
Listen to our customers and develop, creative ways to meet your needs

Our recent projects

Goal : Definition and implementation of the digital strategy for the launch of a cook book. Creation of the official website for the launch of the book “La cuisine juive de Constantine” How: Website creation and social media strategy. Community management.

Results : promotion of the book online after launch and online visibility to increase the sales.

livre cuisine juive de constantine
Online marketing and community management for a cook book

Goal : Create a website for the launch of a new service and promote it
How : Creation of an e-commerce website for a food distributor and creation of advertising campaigns on Adwords and Facebook
Results : Leads generation

Launch of an e-commerce website and advertising support

Goal : Creation of a transmedia project for the launch of the book “Bovary 21”
How: Blog creation and social media management
Results : promotion of the book online before launch and public attention for launch

Online marketing strategy for a new book Bovary 21

Goal : Build a committed community and develop a close relationship with fans
How : Content creation, game contests and community management
Results : Withing 6 months significant increase in engagement and recruitment of qualified fans

Support of a new brand on Facebook Ooshop

Goal : Engage an active community develop a close relationship with fans on Facebook
How : Community management and customer service on facebook with answers within 24h and customer satisfaction guarantee
Results : Efficiency of customer service on Facebook

Improve the customer satisfaction Carrefour Drive

Goal : Launch the version of a corporate website
How : Writing all contents of the homepage and landing pages in french and in english SEO
Results : Increase of organic traffic in few weeks

Rewrite the content of a website http://www.tagby.com/
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Who we are?

We are data-driven, and our strong skills in strategic and operational marketing, social media, communication, analytics and project management are dedicated for you !

  • Data Driven
  • Strong analytics skills
  • Content specialist
  • Social media lover
Project management
Audit your online presence and build a marketing strategy
Understand your Tone of Voice and create a custom content strategy
Analytics skills


About us

We help companies and bring a solution addressing their specific marketing, social media and communication needs.

We are dedicated to helping restaurants, shops, start-ups, B2B, B2C companies and more achieve their marketing and communication goals.


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Matara Consulting - ads
Matara Consulting - content
Matara Consulting - social media
Matara Consulting - strategy

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