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Marketing and Content Strategy

Let’s build your digital success together !
We will transform your vision into clear objectives and a turn-key plan

Get a full marketing strategy

We will transform your vision into clear objectives and a turn-key plan

Your business has been running for some time but you have never thought about your digital marketing strategically?

Are you in the process of repositioning or launching a new service or product? We will work together through a consulting service tailored to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

What can you expect?

✔️ Choose your social media to grow
✔️ Creation of a content strategy with detailed content plan
✔️ General branding, graphic coherence and respect of the charter
✔️ Define an advertising strategy, a budget and objectives

You’re on good hands with a first meeting to understand your business and strategy and a closed follow-up with QA sessions after the end of the mission.

This is for you if :
Your brand is lacking awareness
You need to align your marketing and business objectives
You know it’s important to be on social media, but you don’t know how to do it

How do I do that? By diving into the DNA of your brand, discovering your market in details and bringing another angle of reflection thanks to my experience and professionalism.

I advise you to define your objectives, elaborate a marketing and communication plan, ready to be implemented by your operational teams.

Audit & marketing studies

Is your social media content aligned with your strategy, goals and audience?

Your presence on social networks has been established for many years but you haven’t reviewed your strategy or questioned your initial objectives? You notice a lassitude or little activity on your social networks?
Why not take a closer look at the situation? I provide you with a detailed audit including competitive analysis and interviews of internal and external partners.

What can you expect?

✔️ Complete content and channel analysis
✔️ Engagement measurement by platform
✔️ Most performing formats and content analysis
✔️ Comprehensive guidance by social network

You will love our dive into the data of your digital campaigns and see how small optimizations can bring growth.

This is for you if :
You have had a presence for years but haven’t reviewed your strategy in a long time
You wonder if your content is impactful
You don’t know if you are on the right social networks

After meeting with your experts and marketing managers, i’ll work on a full report combining the current status of your marketing strategy and my recommendation.

Once this is done, we can discuss whether to continue with the current strategy or to define a new one.