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Why a website is important for new businesses

At Matara Consulting, we offer office hours to help new business makers. We are mentoring few entrepreneurs who started their own business.  Jeweller, graphist, financial consultant…

Are you a new entrepreneur and don’t know where to start with your marketing plan, your online strategy and how to launch your business? Don’t panic, it’s normal! You already have a lot to think about and can’t be an expert in every field, so be accompanied and ask for help – it’s the key to success!
We therefore start a series of articles to help you start your business and build your marketing and digital to-do-list.

Let’s start with your website.

Create a website

Why it’s important ?

Your website will be your showcase. In a world where 71% of mobile phone users use their smartphone to gather information about a product in order to buy it, you can be sure that your future customer will have searched for your company on Google before calling you.
This is why it is important to have a website, even OnePager, to prove your credibility. It’s harder to trust someone without a website, and today you have many solutions and you don’t have to be an engineer or to spend a lot of money.

Create your website - Matara

Reserve your domain name

Most of the new entrepreneurs don’t know how to make a website. Today you have a lot of great services for small businesses (and small budget) to have an online visibility. First thing to do is to buy a domain name “Yourbrand.com” so it’s yours and you can connect your website to it. You can buy for it few dollars per year on Go Daddy

Choose a Website Platform

Once you have your domain, you can built it on Worpress if you have few web skills or build it automatically with Wix.(no technical skills required). Choose a template you like, find some pictures you can use and start writing your content.

Write your content

Write your content - Matara

The content needs to include everything to show how awesome you are!  It’s time to build your storytelling and develop your branding.

  • Who are you ? what’s your story ? People like to know the team behind the company 🙂
  • Your services / what do you offer ? If relevant, communicate on prices too.
  • Your portfolio : your last projects you worked on.
  • Your last wins : Publish the testimonies of happy customers.

More text you publish more it’s great to improve your SEO and to be visible on search engines. If you have time create a blog on your website to publish content on a regular basis. Once you will get revenue from your activity, call content specialists like Matara consulting to help you 😉

Few hours of work later – your website is now ready to be launch. Congratulations !

Next step, how to develop your online branding thanks to social networks. (spoiler alert, content is king)