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Ads campaigns and small businesses

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More articles to help new entrepreneurs launch their business and tips to improve their digital strategy without spending too much time on it.

Today we are wondering why it is worth investing a budget for advertising.

As a small business, your budget is limited and you are at a stage where every dollar counts.
You need to sell first to generate income but to develop your turnover, you need new customers.
To find these new customers, you have already followed our advices to the letter to create a website  and develop your presence on social networks (article will be published very soon).
Unfortunately this is not enough and your Instagram account remains unchanged at 100 followers while your income is not increasing.

Ads for businesses

Why all this marketing effort, when it doesn’t pay off directly?

At Matara we spend a lot of time explaining to our customers that performance marketing is not always the most effective way to develop their business.

Our customers would like every content created, every follower earned, every dollar invested to bring back a customer. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. 
It’s true, developing your branding, content strategy and digital marketing takes time, requires the help of specialists, it’s a real investment. But you will be very happy to have made this decision and to have called on us (or other experts) in a few months.

When your business takes off, your future customers will be looking for credibility and will be reassured to see that your website and social networks are active, have a long history and that your community is dynamic.

After all, you too before entering a restaurant, you will check its reputation on Trip Advisor 😉

But it’s not a reason to go bankrupt for ads. At Matara Consulting, we do not recommend launching a major advertising campaign until you have defined your content strategy and developed your social networks (having an active facebook page or a few posts have recently been published for example)

The advantages of an advertising campaign on social networks.

Social networks, being themselves free, are paid on advertising, and to do this, they do not show your posts to all the people who follow you. This is to encourage you to pay for advertising to ensure their visibility.
Once you have time to build a community, allocate a small amount to ensure post visibility with your followers. These people are loyal. And are probably your first customers, make sure they are well informed about your news and keep interactions with them.

Ads for small businesses Matara

How to get new customers?

Facebook, Instagram and Google might be  a great way to advertise according to your business.
Contact us for advice on the best conversion funnel.

Your target is easy to define and facebook, for example, will allow you to target very finely, with city, ages, gender, income, interests of your future customers. Their advertising formats are efficient, from video to form, and adapted to any type of business and advertising objective.

You will then need to write a powerful message, accompanied by an effective visual. Keep it simple. Be straight to the point and don’t hesitate to highlight yourself. You guys are great, don’t forget it!

What is the budget for my Facebook advertising campaign?

This is the question that comes up most often. How to know the amount to invest in a campaign.

Be careful though, with a small budget start with a test on a city, and a very limited targeting, otherwise your ad will be distributed to too many people and will not have the expected results.

Choose a small sample of your target audience and try to match your budget to achieve a repeat of 2. your prospects will see your ad twice, which will start to stay in their heads.
For example, if your facebook target is about 3,000 people, make sure you reach these 3,000 people twice. Rather than reach 6,000 people just once.

Aim small will allow you to aim more accurately and thus to have customers quickly thanks to your campaign.

Reasons not to advertise

  • You have not yet defined a specific target. You will lose advertising money by targeting people not interested in your business.
  • Your products are not completely ready. You will not get a second chance.
  • You don’t have time to invest in post-campaign analysis, learnings and re-targeting. A single advertisement is not enough, you will have to make several tests, several campaigns, several messages on several targets to understand the advertising effectiveness.